Monday, August 8, 2011

My sister set an example...

One of my older sisters does a neat thing, she sends out updates about what is going on in her life to her family and close friends to keep them posted. Anyone remember why I started this blog?, I'm going to try and get back into updating a little more regularly.

In June we had a great family trip to Virginia. We stayed at my sister Karen's beautiful, HUGE, new townhouse in Haymarket and were able to visit lots of friends. I think the highlight of our trip was going to the Dulles Air & Space Center. It was soooo much fun to take Aiden to see the Enterprise and all of the airplanes. He thought it was pretty cool, and because Baris and I are terrible dorks, we also loved it.

In July the boys and I left Baris at home and spent 2 weeks in Minnesota with our friends. It was a very busy trip. We pretty much had two months of fun in just 2 weeks. One of the highlights (there were many) was the Boobs n Brinner event hosted by the breastfeeding advocacy blog my good friends and I run. We were so excited to have many new mothers come out to have photographs done with their nurslings. We felt just a LITTLE bit famous during the event and really enjoyed the fruits of our labor.

Things have been relatively slow and quiet since the move here in Columbus. I've been taking the boys to different fun locations where we have been racking up memberships. We go weekly to Kids Commons, which is a community children's museum, it's pretty neat. We also have memberships at the Indianapolis Zoo and the Indianapolis Children's Museum. Baris and I BOTH just LOVE the zoo and the children's museum at least as much as Aiden does. On our first trip we decided to let Aiden feed a Giraffe, fairly certain he would be too timid to do it...but he did! He asks to feed the giraffe every time we go now.
Aiden and his new buddy, the Giraffe

Chase seems to enjoy our outings, there is so much to see for a curious little baby like him. He's so easy going and engaged, definitely a delightful little boy. He is growing so fast and is nearly ready to start walking. We think by the middle of next month he will have his feet in motion and that's the last we will see of him and the little sanity we have left. He is madly in love with his brother and spends his day following Aiden around the house, playing with his toys, and jabbering up a storm. He even imitates Aiden's roars.

Right now Aiden is taking a toddler gymnastics class at a local gymnastics place and he really really loves it. It's so awesome to see him learning and focusing more each week. It's as much a workout for us as it is for him because he wants to run off as soon as he finishes a round of an activity and we have to chase after him. It doesn't matter though, he still loves it and is learning. In addition to the gymnastics we go weekly to the library for story time. This is an endless challenge in terms of his behavior, but he's geting the idea of participating in group activities slowly but surely.

We don't generally swim in the lake behind our house...I'm totally skeeved out by ponds, personally, but we have taken Aiden out in the canoe we bought from the previous owners a couple of times and he just loves it. He's surprisingly well-behaved and doesn't tip the boat, so that's good! We spend most of our outdoor time either coloring in the driveway with chalk or playing on the slide and swings off the back deck/patio. We also set up the kid pool every now and then and Aiden will play there for hours.

We really enjoy the new house. It's wonderful to have a playroom for the boys and to have so much more space. At least once a week I still say "I just love our house." There are lots of things we want to do, but nothing very pressing. My next project is to paint the playroom for the boys, it's going to be super cute and fun. I'll post pictures once we finish it.

I don't have many pictures to upload right now, but I will get them off the camera and upload a few later. Ta ta for now!
The boys wrestling on the bed...adorable.

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